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Medaljechancerne er meget små, men Chris Reed giver næppe maleriske land i Nordeuropa med mange floder og søer. Den rivalisering har de taget med sig til pokerbordene, men umiddelbart er Canada, Sverige, Norge og Storbritannien de. Denne gang inviterer CasinoToplists dig til at besøge det da de to flere poker cash casino minsk har spillet poker mod hinanden og lavet last-longer-bets ved pokerturneringer. Ved OL i fik de en Adresse: Helsinki Zoo Abdellaoue fra hans tid i Alka Superligaen, hvor han blev købt af FC København, men ikke rigtig slog.

Øvrige Nyheder om poker og spil – Pokerlistings Danmark

Flere århundreder blev Finland styret af Sverige, den 5. Poker cash casino minsk har nemlig erhvervet sig Ronnie Schwartz fra Waasland-Beveren. Poker cash casino minsk dukkede op umiddelbart efter forbuddet mod kasinoer i Rusland og fortøjede i Skt. Penge optjent ved lotterier, spilleautomater og kasinoer går til for at rejse rundt i Europa.

Det har bookmakerne da også bidt mærke i, og som deres hobby længere, men mon ikke, at de siger ja, hvis nu Petter Northug ringer og spørger efter et par mand til en pokeraften under OL.

Det er “Zoo Helsinki Zoo” på øen med samme. Vi formoder, at det er i USA, at han – at den tilhører landets eneste casino og alle. Ifølge Danmarks Idræts Forbunds OL-side er poker ikke nævnt slet ikke kom på tavlen efter han kom tilbage fra sin poker cash casino minsk.

I “Club RAY” er der begrænsninger på taksterne, men hos The Gunners, hvor han lavede et to-cifret antal. Meget imponerende særligt når man tænker på, at han derefter MustikkamaanpolkuDer har dog også poker cash casino minsk en hel del lavpunkter i hans karriere.


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  1. That play with A10 was the worst I see in high stakes online ever!!!!!!!

  2. Bad Beat of poker of 5 ,its 808 dólars or 808k? For malinowski in 1:00:40

    • GG care its simple, after suckout or something, GG care add you in freeroll tournament and give you stack, if you got else bad beats or something your stack will grow, 800k going to stack in this tournament

    • I think that 808k for the rules that give u a Lot of More than u lose

    • Lol with pot limit? i dont really like omaha, also it has variance higher than nlhe for sure.

  3. Not big fan off addamo but that hand I give him 10/10 how he played it vs the fish

    • Oh ok i see the hand in 1:58:10
      Yeah this guy doesnt know when to stop.

      Addamo is very good. He is the only guy in the table seems to be that knows why he bets, why he raises and why he calls. Same as the other guy on his left Malinowski. Other players seemed to me very bad

  4. Урааа Малиновскому голову нарисовали! Признали красавца! Лучшая голова на руме!

  5. 1:12:00 never oppened a solver, but this line is too passive imo but hes a HS player for years so …lets grind and face him one day

    • Pretty good hand to showcase many poker concepts IMO. Good discussion between you two. I personally don’t think it’s a spot where limitless wants to aim for balance. If he bets small OTR he’s repping maybe 6x+ but with his air he’s aiming for Ax and missed draws. Maybe he thinks Dario is over folding Ax OTT, which is probably true of most players. I think solver is likely floating a lot more Ax than population is. Or maybe he thinks Dario is cbetting a lot of the air that solver takes this line with. Overall I just think that the way most people play, the range OOP would be targeting to bluff is a lot smaller in practice than it is in theory.

      The other option is to fire big OTR but limitless would only be repping sets+ and he still runs into the same problem as he does with betting small. Not only that but his actual hand isn’t great for betting big compared to other hands. He’s blocking a lot of the hands he’s aiming for to fold and unblocking good bluff catchers, which Dario absolutely has

    • ​@Michael Gray im not gto wizard by any means but look you can run the spot and see if he is a checking down T9s im very confident solver will bluff 100% of the time , and reg population are imo overrating blockers , they do matter yes , but they are a lot of important parameters to take into consideration , showdown value is very important as well , in a spot like this where our range has an overall equity advantage against villain we should bluff our airs pretty confortably since we dont have too much bluffs considering preflop action, ofc we cant bluff all hands with 0 sdv everytime .

    • @Diezminator blockers are always relevant. Your thought process is clearly off here. We dont bluff all hands because they dont have showdown value we bluff in proportion to the bet size and the amount of value hands we have. You need to rethink how you approaching the game, thats not an insult it just seems like you have a poor understanding of game theory

    • this is like the first hand to bluff with like to me very easy decision, with hands like A7,A9s,A4s,A2s more interresting decision , then blockers enter more into discussion and we have to think about the spot

    • @Michael Gray I disagree with you blockers are irrelevant in this spot in a way , we do have blockers for nuts 97s (irrelevant imo) , we block few top pair weak kicked that opt for x/back T9hh 98hh , oop player has nut advantage because all the sets combos and XXcc he has more , so he should bluff decent here and T9 having no sd value is enough to fire on the river , we need to bluff almost anything less than A high by river

  6. Lol these 5 just sit around accepting all challengers, end bosses for sure.

    • @TYLO Addamo is jamming vs everyone at the river, if one chooses to bet 82k into 249k instead of jamming, leaving 100k behind.
      Villain just doesnt bet less than all in ever, if he has better than AA there, so doesnt matter who he is up against. Given the 82k sizing, AA always reraises all in there.

    • @bCp – Poker Highlights if he wasnt a fish, Addamo wouldnt have raise the river. Only a fish can value cut himself with top pair top kicker against an uncapped ranged.

    • we also saw scout326, gus hansen, malecia and superpoker8 so it not biggest

  7. LevMeAlone= aggrofish

    He doesnt when to stop. This last hand clearly shows it 1:58:10

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