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  1. D2 ressurected should have had unlimited respecc for new players to play around and enjoy the fkin game

  2. Activision Blizzard is currently facing serious ongoing allegations of harassment and mistreatment of marginalized workers. To learn more, please visit our timeline as well as our in-depth report on the subject.

    • @Dodo Confused about what? What does any of that have to do with this game? Thats whats confusing…

    • @MicklovinFilms Im confused with this comment. Do you think its okay to harrass and mistreat workers?

    • @Mike Anthony Every company likely has some sort of harassment or mistreatment going on, those concerns dont need to be voiced publically in order to damage a companys image. Were tired of hearing about woke crybabies trying to ruin everything because they got their little feelings hurt.

    • @Joe Diaz Why does how we feel offend you so much? Kind of ironic you took the time to comment instead of moving on… but were the ones that are mad. Okay bud…

  3. Clueless reviewer. No mention of controller support, build diversity etc. Clown.

  4. Honestly, pretty fair review listing out the pro and cons with a fair score. Instead of saying why did IGN give this a 7 when they gave Call of War: Battlefield a 9 we should be saying why are you giving generic games far from amazing a 9 instead of a 6 or 7

  5. Once you get in hell the stamina doesnt matter,no one is playing for the story, you can respect 3 times once in normal nightmare and hell ,as you get better loot you can get teleport on all you characters, the game only has 4 stats upgrade but also has magic find,run speed,runewords,element resistance, attack speed magic cast speed…I can keep going this review is coming from a casual/newbie…

  6. What a terrible review for a game that has stood the test of time for 20 years & changed gaming forever

  7. Thats a solid score. Im enjoying the game a lot but it is no way ground breaking, lol. It is just going back to 2000s and enjoying a classic that had its faults back then and more or less brings a lot of those back here.

    It is a fun game? Most certainly? Is it still as addictive as it was back then? Yes. Is it mind blowing amazing now? Not quite. Though still, you will have plenty of fun with it regardless, so it is an easy recommend for me.

  8. Blizzard getting desperate with these nostalga remakes, seems like no one wants to play their new games

  9. He doesn’t know how to play Diablo 2 obv. Shared tab. Ident. Char build. This is your typical retail wow player. Not a d2 player.

  10. Bugs bugs bugs. Dont store any valuable item in the shared section of your crate…it gets lost for ever from time to time. Ive lost a lot. So much for a REMAKE!

  11. Paladin and Assasin only reach their full potential in a group. This reviewer has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

    Paladin is likely the best, most versatile character in the game and can easily clear Players 8 solo with the right build.

    Diablo is a game that is REALLY deep at the high end, yet is being reviewed from the perspective of a noob who has 30 minutes a year of time

    • Best end game solo build.
      IGN: urg, only relevant in group play.

    • He is a noob clearly. Hdins with enigma would clear hell with ease. Ive seen pallys that would Uber run easily and one hit people.

      🤦 IGN is so ridiculous

    • 🎯 played it in 2000 with a Paladin, playing again with a Paladin, my fav build

  12. The score is fine, whatever. However, the writing is not at a professional level. IGN, you can hire better.

  13. Thats to be expected for anyone that doesnt see D2 only through rose-colored graphics, even old players like myself.

  14. Wants unlimited respecs for a new generation of players….

    *Me sitting there missing the days when decisions you made in a game when leveling up actually mattered and you couldnt respec every 5 minutes.

  15. This review is almost as nonsensical as the current state of Activision Blizzard

  16. How do you not bring up crossplay not being in this game. What a joke.

  17. The best game ever, diablo 2, no matter how the company, the game remains and you will be one of the best ever played

  18. Alright IGN, your review standard is all over the shop. Poor journalism.

  19. Parts of the game feels like a waste of our time…
    Well… watching your review is TOTALLY a waste of our time.

    Piece of crap review.

    This isnt a newly made game in the 21st century. It was a remaster! so effin stop dreaming about nice to haves like what other aRPG games offer. GO PLAY DIABLO 3 then!

  20. Did this dude really say he spent a couple hundred hours playing the game? Why would you go on the internet and tell lies like that?

  21. This guy honestly doesn’t sound old enough to have been playing Diablo 2 in the early 2000s. He sounds like he’s early 20s which would’ve made him what, 4-5 years old back in Diablo 2s prime?

    • The dude was leveling up every skill on all his paladin trees. Of course he havent played the game before.

  22. The biggest mystery of the universe is how you have 16 million subscribers with consistent content like this.

  23. How they let such a noob review this game ? What have his long childhood D2 experience thought him ?

  24. Bro🤦 your pally gotta be Hdin, even low level runewords would let you destroy normal mode.

  25. try it with a controller 100% odd having all spells handy with a button push

  26. Developers “we are retaining all the things you love about Diablo 2 and arent making changes that would change the game”

    IGN “but this is new game right”

    • Ign is dumb af it was intended to be graphical update with a few tweaks and keeping everything else like the original, why do you think after 20 years, with all this torchlight, poe, diablo 3 and other arpgs, people are still playing the original? Diablo 2 is the best arpg ever made, and this remake, even though could have been a little better because there is always room for improvement did it justice, the fact that they respected the essence, ambiance, and the gameplay of the original game even if it meant not turning it into a more casual player – friendly focus, which is what most true diablo fans would have hated.

  27. You played the game all wrong . Your skills give me anxiety plz go respec

  28. y’all realize you can just stop watching IGN reviews right? gamers these days….

  29. We all know why we watch these reviews, just to hear how they don’t know the game and shiity scores.

  30. The grind is critical. Removing the grind ruined MMO’s and the sense of accomplishment in most gaming.
    It’s not supposed to be a cake walk to be the highest level with the best gear possible…

    • we want to give our players a sense of pride and accomplisment, how times have changed…

  31. this is one bad review. not worthy of d2r. not being able to respec is one of the key rules for players to start over as many chars as they did in the past.

    being able to respec as u wish ? go play d3

  32. This review score is flat wrong. Diablo 2 is one of the greatest games ever and the score doesnt reflect its greatness.

  33. Ninja looting is not a thing in D2. You just got to click faster and position better
    but, 5:03
    since you did your homework, you know

  34. There is no such thing as ninja looting in D2. This is not WoW. Its a free-for-all loot system. Also id rather they not make it unlimited respecs to make you want to make more of the same characters but built a different way. If everyone has 1 character then there will be less normal/nightmare games to join to level up.

  35. Felt like IGN assigned this to an unpaid intern, asked him to play 30 hours of the game outside work hours, and submit a final draft in 1 day.

  36. This is a genre defining game and you guys gave it a 7. Im gonna go on a whim and say you are bias because of the lawsuit(literally posted a comment about it). You cant give this game a 10 because it will look bad on you. It is a 10. All other ARPGS are loosely based on this one.

    • @Ian Ashmore yeah right, Ill have whatever your smoking. Theres a reason people have been playing this game for 20 years and its not because its a 6. NOR A 7. 10s are given for games that are genre defining masterpieces. This is THAT game. Without diablo 2 we wouldnt have the ARPGS we have today

  37. This review is garbage its a outstanding game thats been finely polished… 10/10

  38. Stop pushing free and unlimited respects in games. It ruins them time and time again and makes the work put in to each individual build, useless and pointless.

  39. look at the character you made lmaoooo learn how to play the game b4 making a review

  40. The reviewer is what we use to call in the early 2000s a „newbie“.

  41. Id say, just play path of exile. Its much more polished and looks way better.

  42. Diablo community found this. Waiting for the threatening emails and k*ll yourself you worthless piece of sh*t posts

  43. Jesus this dude drones. Reminds me of the old clear eyes commercials

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