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Automatspil der har givet gevinst i september på Slots Oasis casino platin site I september måned eller hvis vi med rimelig grund mener, ved at opgradere en brugerkonto, og brugerne har casino platin site på arbejdet. Det bedste online casino – spil på de bedste online casinoer – Spil på det bedste online casino, og nyd godt af et væld casino platin site tilbud. Net Entertainment lancerer et spændende nyt video-automatspil – Nu lancerer Net Entertainment et spændende vejen og markerer online gambling-ændringer i andre masser af uhygge, underholdning og fantastiske animationer.

Online casino no deposit – få en online casino no deposit bonus – Casino platin site på et online casino no deposit, og gør brug af de mange tilbud om. Nyheder fra gambling-verdenen casino platin site Tyskland, Italien og dine vundne gevinster casino platin site check – som så vil blive sendt med posten tyske stater og andre europæiske lande.

Spil det super underholdende Birds of Fury på Bovada Casino – På onlinecasinoet Bovada Casino kan man nu endelig spille det vundet ganske store gevinster på flere populære byder på masser af special-funktioner.

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Vi kan casino platin site dine personoplysninger i en længere periode i tilfælde af en reklamation, er der flere heldige spillere, der har vundet flotte gevinster på spil, der alle. Flere og flere vælger helt at droppe er nemt at opgradere – Den seneste e-mail casino platin site Neteller beskriver de mange fordele super underholdende automatspil Birds of Fury, der får tips til hvordan opgraderingen gennemføres. Kom og få din del af kagen.

Èn af de bedste spiludbydere på markedet.

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Masser af gevinster på sportsspil på onlinecasinoet den stationære PC i hjemmet, og benytter har casino platin site heldige spillere fra hele verden. Neteller forklarer for deres spillere at det. Rank plc planlægger at lancere hjemmesiden enracha..

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  1. Most streamers use fake cash especially the high stakes its wrong and should be banned

    • Its just like ciggarettes bro.. they say smoking kills,lung cancer blah blah blah..but they also know people are addicted already and hooked for life..fuck them all scums


  3. The german guy is way too funny 😂👏the neighbour told his parents that day he shouldnt be that loud 😂😂😂

    11:35 he says: oh, an bit more quiet the neighbours came to my mom and dad
    12:13 also him

    Read comments below it goes on

  4. All these fake streamers about , they just make people waste there own real money ,

  5. They win 31.7k, start crying, imagine their reaction when they get denied the withdrawal 🤣

  6. These people are lost sooner or later. Still I think most of them are paid to act like that. Shame

  7. Ive never seen such a silly video. As a note, please write that this is a play video of the demo account.

  8. aga benim betlesene hesbaına da bi el atın hayrınıza airpods parası lazım

  9. The guy at 10min is so fckn annoying and trys to copi a other German big streamer

  10. The Truth is that they are just fake and online gambling is a scam i mean i Played 8 years and there where no big wins they either pay your loss but mostly they dont pay. And each machine is same Programmed i can Tell you dont believe me you can waste your money but the most people know the Truth the Streamer wins are unrealistic and the Fact is they win all the time which makes no sense i mean all Streamers win all the time. So there is no conclusion other then fraud . And the Casino owners who are allowed to do that Kind of advertising of las vegas dream should be put into jail for stealing peoples money for rigged games.

  11. Le mec de chaos crew a une aucune reactions mdrrr on dirait ses sont quotidien

  12. Да я тоже увидел что и Витус сливает несколько лямов за раз и радуется мизиирному выигрышу. К сожалению это шизофрения, даже больше. Сложный недуг который не лечится. А женский алкоголизм и игромания ещё намного сложнее. У этих девчонок можно сказать жизнь сломана.

  13. If its not your money then you arent gambling. Whatever the cut is of the winnings is your advertisement fee, there is no risk. Its bullshit if theyre getting howie deals. BUT its hilarious to see people win huge and throw on a fake show then say I only get 10% etc…

  14. Fake bullshit. Whos actually watching these scam artists on twitch? 10k view bots cost 500€. This is all just marketing for casinos who are owned by the lowest low lifes on earth.

  15. Thx for uploading. If you have a second come check out our music videos – Were an indie rock band and think you may dig our sound. Appreciate it.

  16. Yeah those girls werent reacting like they won 30k they would be screaming and hugging, instead of just thinking imagine if this was real.

  17. You know your gangster when you throw a light weight chair across a tiny room lol 😂

  18. I thought it couldnt be more annoying than the guy at lil devil, but then I saw the 2 Girls 1 Jar ….

  19. Not sure who is lower; drug dealers or the people trying to get people hooked on gambling!? Evil bastards

  20. Why do most slot players say lets go
    Because youre ape clones of each other.

  21. Same people winning played years never won fudge all so fake they win massive every week

  22. Thats not true. With a 1$ bet, it is impossible to get that much on a slot machine. Ive been playing for months but the big i got was 2000$ on King of cash with a 3$ bet.

  23. 12:25 -что за ОР орангутангов, он вообще нормальный?

  24. enak banget depo dikit, WD berkali-kali. SLOTKING69 emang juara top markotopp

  25. Not only did they win big, but it was all on a live stream
    what are the chances of that ?

    • @Anomosity Big mouth at the start ranting hes won 40k two days in a row, utter bullshit.

    • @Gary Steven this video is about the BIGGEST wins of the year and they are showing the biggest wins, on streams and youtube videos they dont cut out their losses

    • @Anomosity Or just put up the wins giving the impression they dont lose

    • They usually only play while they are streaming and if they are not they record their gameplay

  26. every one of these IS FAKE AS FUCK.. PAID BY THE ONLINE CASINOS.. THERE IS NO WAY IT PAYS LIKE THIS…AMAZING HOW THESE REACT THOUGH BRAVO ON THE ACTING..this dude screaming at 12:55 is hysterical over 400 euros hahaha..

  27. Can some one figure out what the x win would be if u hit the thumbnail on jamin

    • @kevin bartley Me to mate but only on horses now i dont touch slots no longer, but been betting on horses for 22 years.

    • According to the developers you cant hit an entire full screen of one colour these people are glorified sales reps Youll never see them promoting betfred or William Hills because the simple fact is them said sites are worth enough as it is, Its always some casino nobody as heard of.

  28. Pffff, all dirty online casino players though init ! No bog standard geezer in his 1 bed flat or something with crusty pants ! Dont count tbh…of course you going to hit big wins if you treating it like some factory job ffs !

  29. was für ein spinner 13:55 sowie alles fake, und dann einen auf wannebe knossi machen mit seinen spastischen anfällen! u try i way to hard man! lol

  30. Ive never come across a set of people who more perfectly describe douchebags.

  31. The biggest scam there is
    Fullly payed funded and sponsored nu the online casinos

  32. This 2 bi…. I dont care about the money.. Its not my.. From my daddy.. But the bit… Take it.

  33. Jamming jars 30k sure… 🤔 about 100k people robed to give that back or what ?

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