Casino royal release

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Casino Royale (film fra ) – Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

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Jesper Christensen – IMDb

En rejseblog med ferieanbefalinger og molti sguardi e pochissime parole. Casino royal release offer different ticket variants, af fans til at møde. No”, fik premiere i med..

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  1. So happy for you but I still hate that game. Ridiculous trying to get the money squares. It’s called Buffalo yet they hardly come up, lol

  2. Hey Bear Sensory! Atleast im not the only Adult who loves it! We have 3 month old. AMC and ADA to the moon!

  3. This game has huge potential. Like huge potential. 250k to 500k hits on 250 a spin. It’s crazy most casinos only go to 10cent denom

  4. Way too go you two .. Whoop whoop #LLHQ #Hubbytoo 💥💥💥🦬🦬🦬🌟🌟🌟

  5. Love the intro music 🎶 🙌 keep killing it with the hand pay jack pots! and also let’s get grand ❣️

  6. That was incredible… congratulations like always 🍾🥂🎉🎊👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  7. Lol what kind of B version of Buffalo is this??! Well, doesnt matter, you killed it! <3 Great job as usual!

  8. Nice, I wish I had recorded my 14,500 line hit on a 30 dollar bet on this game at casino arizona. No joke all but 4 Buffalo.

  9. Congratulations on your big wins, awesomeness thank you for sharing!!! I am blessed and highly favored!!!

  10. Wow that was an insane A win…felt like it was teasing you with all the re triggers but the payoff on the $250 bet was worth the wait…congrats LL & DL…thanks for the upload xx

  11. That was absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for the excitement❤❤❤

  12. Hi pretty lady 😍🥰 That was amazing with the Aces and DudeLuck already knows how much they pay🦬 Mr. Buffalo was good to you

  13. Lovely lovely lovely…. $250 spins finally paid off! Congrats 🎊🎉 on that outcome. Amazing job, Francine!! ♥️♥️♥️

  14. Explain to me does those buffalos with the dollar symbols do anything?? Its driving me crazy every time I watch and nothing happens even when you get alot of them.

  15. Lord if it just landed the 8 squares would have been massive nicely timed $250 bet by lovey 😜

  16. Hello you two. It was really great to see you play this Buffalo game. Well done both of you.
    Mind how you go
    Sandra 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇨🇦

  17. Dont forget bonus or bust star watch magma. Or any Konami star watch 😊😁♥️

  18. Good day , hate to use your famous words but I feel it should have been more !!! With that bet anyway 😁👍👌

  19. Whats your plan with the buyout at Cosmo? You guys dont do anything to my knowledge at M Life…..moving on?

    • Hey Lyle – were pretty bummed about it. Cosmo has the best comps by far in Vegas, and almost triple that of M Life.. Its a shame but things will likely change. We will likely start going back to Wynn and weve recently been doing trips to Resorts World.

  20. Does anyone notice Lady Luck always has accidental max bet spins that get bonused haha

  21. Nice i remember i was accidently betting $1000 a spin top dollar and won $125000

    • 100% it was. We were playing between $50 and $100 and I went to grab my Martini and hit the max.. It happens

  22. Massive hit but that game is tje worst getting the 8 buffalo orbs. And in the chip bonus need 90 spins to make any money. I mean obviously 250 bet u will but on like 25 bucks a spin that game is wayyyyyy over rated. But def sick ass 8k hit

  23. It wasn’t an accidental spin. You clearly chose to spin $250 and it paid off.

    • Actually, no. Hubby and I were going back and forth spins and I accidentally hit the $250 bet. We had been betting between $50 to $100 prior.

  24. I don’t know what to say I mean it’s good but oh my god could’ve would’ve should’ve…….Almost 40 spins …….

    • @Lady Luck HQ damn all these followers who probably watch all your videos to show their support to you and yet my first time watching and commenting on a video of yours I get a response.

      I feel so lucky 😂

  25. Thats bull 9k on a 250 bet and not one bonus in the bonus !!!! Fine 9k on the bright but still, just saying….

  26. I could do 400 dollar spins, but unfortunately all my money is tied up in Cat coin.😺

  27. Great win, bloody hell, those girls, loved there own screams, pissed & couldn’t shut up.

  28. To someone who does not spend this kind of money to win I must say this game is the future of taking all your money with little in return. With that said I congratulate you on your win.

    • This game isnt much different than any other slot machine. They all take your money in the long run. Some just have prettier pictures.

  29. Thanks for sharing so cool to hit that 250 at the right time by accident. 👍

  30. I’m so glad this happened to you! Sometimes accidents are not accidents at all they are beautiful mistakes. It couldn’t have happened to a better person!

  31. Great run on buffalo, but I thought you for sure they you and Ron were going to get the bonus in a bonus for sure with all of the retriggers! Great video and Congradulations but it should have been more epic then the epic that you got. Just saying. Im happy for you both but I wanted to see you get more more more!!! Hopefully next time. One of your biggest fans rooting for you both!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 On your next video.

  32. Awesome bonus, congratulations! It refused to give you the hold & spin bonus

  33. This is my new favorite game! I won 3 jackpots in an hour or so. Left, came back a month later and they took it out of our casino. 🥴 all of the videos I posted up on my channel are from same morning. So many bonuses too!

  34. Nice, but think Hubby Intentionally bet the $250. Hardly think it was accidental. Lol…hes a High Roller & sneaks those big bets in all the time.

    • Ha! Typically youd be right but I was actually pressing the button most of the time!

  35. You and your partner need to take a break from slots go on holiday or something its not like you dont have enough money take care of yourself

  36. Hey 👋👋👋 Lady Luck, have you considered writing a tell all book about you and L.o.v.i.e.s. Adventures? You know your humble beginnings, and your idea to make videos… Wouldnt that be amazing 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  37. Congrats but I bet pennies or nickels so this video had me excited for you and irritated at the same time. LMFAO🤣🤣

  38. Glad you guys won, this game is still garbage. For a $250 bet you and 38 free games, you got robbed. Keep on rockin guys!

  39. Wowww Lady Luck super super 👏and so awesome and so beautiful 😍❤♥💖my friends ❤♥💕💗Good luck my friends buena suerte yeahhh

  40. Hey Lady Luck Ill be heading out to Vegas for my 5th anniversary in November! Is there any words of wisdom or luck you can give me before I make it out there?🙌🏼😊

  41. This game is annoying. I do not like playing it lol.. Nice win with the As!!! They came through °

  42. It sounded like when she said do you see what I see, then he says why dont you go sit on it that just stole something from someone who accidentally left something behind at a machine. I hope the camera caught them if they did.

    • @Shane Allen As someone whos had a $2k ticket stolen from my own machine, I understand that better than most.

    • I saw an empty high limit Dragon Link open up behind us and we were going to go and sit on it until I hit the $100 bonus. Why would your brain automatically go to stealing? Odd.

  43. For $250 a spin that was crap! That had $100k potential!!!!!!! I was hoping for full screen Buffalo with multiplier! We’re talking $80-150k!!!!

    • Oh Charlie I like your version better then the reality of what happened =)

    • Yeah its definitely not a crazy win on the bet but it was a super profitable session (which are few and far between) so Ill take it!

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