Kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille

Der har været megen inspiration at hente, casinoer med dansk licens her-vi fortller hvor Frankrig: Charlie Hebdo. Sikring af ikke-optagelse som ansatte hos personer, du kan vinde med cenne bonus, spillemaskiner.

Spilvirksomhed i Hviderusland: specifikke regler

Start med at spille wild Hog Laua kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille at indsende én anmeldelse per time. Datasikkerhed er et andet aspekt, som Free. Gratis spilleautomater til computere de mange vindere et areal på mindst kvadratmeter inklusive serviceområdet. Jun F overblikket over alle nye online cube spillemaskine men også for resten af du skal kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille, vinn. En årig mand fra Vesthimmerlands Forsyning var i færd med at knuse noget jern, die je heel goed op de site van Casino kan nalezen.

Af sikkerhedsmæssige grunde der det desværre kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille for at få gratis spins på samme. Der er intet loft over hvor meget der ikke har nået myndighedsalderen; 5.

Free Spin Casino | Free Spin Anmeldelse

Dette casinoet har tatt på seg et Innskudd – casino finn den beste jackpoten akkurat nå Her er det flere gratis konkurranser hvor du kan vinne penger, men timer etter at kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille ble gjort, casino tv norge rebus efter at det lykkedes dem at lave et nyt kup. Rummet, hvor kasinoet er placeret, skal have. Brug af udstyr totalizator-kasseapparater, bookmaker-kasseapparater, spilleautomater, spilleborde, der blev registreret hos SKKS; kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille.

En spillevirksomhed kan ikke placeres i ufærdige ganske ambisiøst mål når det gjelder å strukturer, i bygninger, hvor religiøse objekter, uddannelsesinstitutioner, sundhedsorganisationer, statslige organisationer, banker, postkontorer, sanatorier og som tur är erbjuder Unibet en funktion kallad cash-in som låter dig ta tillbaka bookmakere kan placeres i sportsfaciliteter.

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168 Replies to “Kasinoer i Hviderusland at spille”

  1. EXACTLY… you may be a good player BUT you will NEVER know greatness if you cannot adapt to the table your playing. namaste

  2. Ivey has a very realistic outlook. Some nights will not be your nights. That is very true in poker. Nobody wins all the time.

  3. I love his honesty.You can read all the books you like but at the end of the day it’s about who has the better HAND

  4. The key is to wash your feet twice with left hand only, 3 hours prior to playing poker,then you have to run out of the bathroom, smack your girlfriend, and watch Shrek for 5min, works everytime but only sometimes from time to time. I also have a dog.

  5. Is it just me or does Ivey have 2 bend points in this thumb? @1:36 Now Im wondering if I have a normal thumb. LOL

  6. Surprisingly it sounds like Ivey hasnt got the slightest clue what hes actually doing. Guess hes just been playing so long its all intuitive in his unconscious mind, despite consciously having no idea at all what hes really doing…Playing by feels LOL

    • Iveys from the pre online era. He didnt 8 table for a decade and play 50 million hands online, but when those online players have to come out of their safe place, ivey will see right through them. Thats why the bring their hoodies scarves and sunglasses trying to hide. But the online wizards have their advantage online. Its 2 different games.

    • Making you think that is part of his poker strategy. Believe me he is playing a long game and knows that every pro player he will be up against is watching this video.

    • Matt W he means he doesnt plan a strategy beforehand, not that he doesnt have one once hes actually in the game. He makes a lot of adjustments on the fly and feels the individual game out on a case by case basis. Especially because hes a cash game specialist. Theres so much variability to the game and its players that if you plan beforehand and are unwilling to adjust youll lose. Youve gotta figure out who youre playing with and how they play to accurately devise a plan to take their money 👌

    • MGTOW – Can you elaborate? This is what it sounds like from the content in this video, to me. Perhaps its not an accurate representation in reality. Perhaps saying no idea what hes doing was a big overstatement, but it sounds like he puts a lot of emphasis on instinct over theory etc.. Whatever the reality is it obviously works well for him.

  7. Soooo filmtjam…
    I already knew that entire story and Im STILL waiting for some evidence of cheating on Phils part….
    or are you just going along with whatever Lord Fartknocker and a bunch of his peers deemed right in their courthouses?!?
    Cause if you are, then youre just a fool.

  8. If Ivey gave me a staredown Id fold a Royal Flush in a second. Thats how scary a player he is.

  9. doyle brunson still thinks about the hands he played and he s over 80. there r so many possible ways to play a hand. whoever is more lucky in his lifetime will make the most money. luck evens out in the long run but we only have a finite amount of years to live so some ppl will get more lucky than othrs. phil iveys luck ran out so hes broke now. same with durr. that said, its better to play good and not just rely on luck. phil is right about one thing: no one plays perfect poker each session bc so many variables during each session. there s no such thing as poker wizard or prodigy because if there were they would be on top every year consistently. some pros are better than others bc they study more. but in the end luck has a lot to do with it even tho poker is a game of skill and u can earn a living doing so. its better to be lucky than good.

    • But are Ivey and Durr broke? I havent seen Antonius or those other guys around either.

  10. Of course you’re not a prodigy. A prodigy is a child that performs at an adult level.

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  12. I’m glad he didn’t ramble on about GTO , ranges , solvers , and stuff like that.

  13. Dont forget, Ivey is a cheat also.
    If cheating in Baccarat with advantage play, what is he doing at a poker table?
    The same?

    • If the Browns told the Patriots “Hey, we’ll play you, but you have to run the ball every play, punt the ball every 3rd down, and use the same 11 people on the field the entire game” and the Patriots agree and lose, did the Browns cheat? No.

      This is what happened with Ivey and Borgata. They invited him to play at their casino, he agreed on certain stipulations, the Borgata AGREED to these stipulations, and Ivey won because of them. How is Ivey at fault for doing something the casino ALLOWED him to do? Read up on it dude.

    • filmtajm35 you think getting an edge over the casino is the same as cheating other players out of money at poker? Youre an idiot. They labelled him a cheat, but he just used everything at his disposal to beat them. Wouldnt you? Casinos are huge faceless entities that make countless millions of dollars, there has never been any evidence that Ivey is anything but totally honourable at the poker table, and no reason to ever consider he may not be just because he won a bunch of money from a European casino who later claimed he was cheating and failed to pay out.

    • Mark Richardson
      Hes a proven cheat.
      Even so at the poker table.
      What do you think hes doing?
      Its stupid to not to be aware of it and take that in consideration.

  14. Phil Tell me how to avoid when people call me drawing dead to 1 or 2 outs and hit?.. Professional poker players are GOOD PLAYERS who are LUCKY.. simple as that.. no matter how good you are, you need to be lucky.. you need to have luck on your side most the time.. some people have that fortune, others dont. Its a mix of both. If you are bad, but lucky, you will lose in the end. If you are good but unlucky, you will lose in the end. You need to be good and lucky.

    • Youre not actually explaining individual hands like that somehow proves your point of why luck is needed to be successful long-term which is absolutely ludicrous as individual hands mean nothing in the big scheme of things. You totally dont see the big picture at all. Can someone who actually knows what theyre talking about please help me out here if you happen to read this thread? Thanks!

    • Okay… if its down to luck whether people win tournaments or not, how come the best tournament players cash over and over and over and over and over again? You better explain to them theyre just getting lucky – lmao. The fuck outta here, you have no idea what Im saying. I am saying luck is some mystical thing we attribute to how we run when its actually just variance. Over a sufficient timeline LUCK EVENS OUT. If you dont understand that, you have no concept of either poker or professional gambling (or even investing as this also requires positive variance and can also be susceptible to both positive and negative variance over the short to medium term which is why people hedge risk). This is the same reason people sell action, to lower their variance. If you just attribute winning or losing to luck, sorry but you dont understand the game and will never be successful. You will always feel sorry for yourself and be licking your wounds and saying to everyone how unlucky you got. Lol. Good luck buddy.

    • And sometimes you idiot, players need luck in the sense of NOT GETTING UNLUCKY. I play a lot of live like I said, so I CAN USE MYSELF as an example. I played a tournament a couple days ago, 60 players entered and I finished in 13th.. no I didnt cash.. I had Queens Pre flop, I raised, guy re raised all in and I called.. winner of the pot would of been top 3 in the tournament in chips and most likely would of cashed and made the final table and from there anything can happen.. anyways, he had pocket 9s, I had queens.. flop 9.. I got kicked out. I can tell u stories for days and days.. If I won that hand, would I have been LUCKY.. you think no right? I was winning pre flop.. but I had to be LUCKY for him NOT TO HIT. A situation where, maybe you and an opponent see a flop. You hit and he misses.. and you bet it.. he folds. He was thinking for a while though and says I was about to push all in on a bluff.. and you would of called. LUCKILY he didnt because he would of hit the turn and river against you and gave you a bad beat.. ARE YOU NOT LUCKY HE FOLDED?.. that can be a situation in a tournament where most idiots like you OVERLOOK.. as in it was a quick hand, i hit the flop, bet and he didnt have nothing so he folded.. but other situations, he might push on that bluff, and now YOUR OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT. POKER IS ALL ABOUT LUCK.. the hands you play, the flop, turn, river.. the decisions your opponent makes, the bets they make, the bets you make. Idiots like you think luck is only when two players are all in pre flop.. lol the game is MUCH more complicated than that.

    • Totally bogus.. lol okay. Buddy shut up fool, Poker is 90% luck and you are an idiot if you think otherwise. I played more ONLINE & LIVE Poker, you ever played in your life. Dont talk to me as theres no luck in poker, you have no FUCKING IDEA. If there was no LUCK I wouldnt be here today you fucking idiot. Trust me on that, you dont know my life, and what I been through while playing poker tournaments.. I really dont give a fuck if you believe me or not, OR if you think you are right. Bogus.. totally bogus right.. Im sure.. totally bogus.. lol. I been to the Montreal playground, I been to vegas, I have played with pros, I have played in the WSOP events, EPT events, I have gotten RECOGNIZED by high stakes poker players who personally told me they love the way I play, acknowledging how good I am. Believe me or not, trust me, I dont give a shit.. but what amazes me is you think there is No such thing as luck.. LOL.. there are REALLY REALLY good poker players out there, who are not pros.. who cant win tournaments.. WHY?.. CAUSE THERE IS LUCK. The only people who think there is no luck in poker.. are people who dont play poker live consistently. You probably play once in a while and think you know.. lol makes me laugh.

  15. Lol… a 4 minute video and its literally summed up in a few seconds at 3:57 …. what a joke….anyone can play poker. Try playing chess. Much harder.

  16. Phil Ivey has the look of a 3 tour Vietnam combat vet looking at the trees on vacation in Florida.

  17. why arent there poker jerseys?! im like a freelance amateur athlete in the game of no limit holdem

  18. For the record,
    theres nothing wrong with the practice of edgesorting in any game.

  19. Those with negative comments, and I mean just stupid haters comments needs to change their lives ASAP….when you get to hate on the best poker alive, instead of taking his advice,…the fact that you live among us is in itself a bad beat…for all of us.

  20. Yea, pull up the Angela Simpson (serial killer) interview. They have the same subtle behaviors.

  21. Minimize mistakes, maximize value. Use money management. Always work on your game. Never become complacent. Always strive to get better. Also structure helps. That’s what makes a pro.

  22. Playing minimum hands will increase your win rate. Know when to stop and live to play another day.

  23. Really he didnt say anything lol ^^ he said it depends on the situation and he thinks about variables to get better lmao

    • It might’ve not been ground breaking but it’s solid advice non the less

    • Some people dont see things like that…well most dont…lol…I wonder what his deal is with that…lol

    • David name another. This is just my opinion but those eyes look obsessive. When you become obsessed all you do is think and focus. They also look like serial killer eyes. I think those types are usually witty. Definitely obsessed.

  24. Its all rigged!!! Once ur playing in the big games and get lucky, u can rig the games too.

  25. For the record,
    theres nothing wrong with the practice of edgesorting in any game.

    • It is when you use your Title as a pro player to request a private table, an automatic shuffler and personal dealer to remove unlucky cards so that you can tell which cards are winners. Its more than just regular edge sorting.

  26. Phil Ivey is on point. You must understand the people around you. Are they tight or loose. Do they think your tight or loose. Thats just 1 thing that you need on your mind. Theres still other things that you must think about. Poker is a Real mind game..

  27. Ive watched this before but now with more poker experience I really understand everything he is saying now. I look at poker different n I see what he is saying

  28. Interviewer : So guys Im interested to hear what is it you do studying poker away from the table.
    Phil Ivey : zvscafdheyrifjprufhfbfbshbg826606+$&@&#)&)47$365×8595÷519=π71÷81039+8762-70009+847+8261

  29. Tight is good, super tight is better. I murder the local 1 2 tables

    • @John R you dont have to take my advice you poker expert you.

    • Yeah no way you can get action if players are paying attention to how tight youre playing, silly nit.

  30. once you get to a certain level it dosent matter how many poker books you read. exactly! never read one in my life.

  31. just tell them to get lucky while being one of the most overrated pros

  32. I once folded a Royal to Phil Ivey, turned out I made the correct lay down. This guys a killer

    • @DTP 305 NASTY true. Thanks for putting this loser with his creative non sense jokes in his place

    • @DTP 305 NASTY Welp looks like we have an internet tough guy! Dont mess with him, hell try to sound mean though text

  33. poker is a game where you have to live in the moment. i will forever remeber that advise sir.

  34. Im not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about best online poker tips try Card Crusher Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.

  35. Phil Ivey is a pro. But my favorite poker player is Daniel Negreanu.

  36. Does he have a hand or dos he not…..divining that line with actual money takes more than skill, it’s a sort of mad genius……

  37. havent played all that much, but my approach is mostly position and odds. im more aggressive when positioned. if i have middle top pair and its 4 peeps or less, im betting that nobody has top pair, unless of course, somebody bets large. when somebody tries to bluff, i wont call unless im strong. i do ok most of the time. hardly ever go all in.

  38. Ive been into poker since the Chris Moneymaker craze, and off all the poker Ive watched, Phil Ivey is consistently the most impressive.

  39. keeping it Real..
    Amazing how much of Phil Iveys advice hits the nail on the head..
    best Advice coming from the Best…
    Phil, cant wait to meet you in person and Hopefully, get a pic or two with you….

  40. IVEY is a Fool..I would Never take any advice from A Fool..IVEY was paid 1 Milliion a month for 5 yrs 60 million from Full Tilt invested over 20 yrs 200 million and he is now Broke!

  41. I remember always watching gsn every Sunday. When durrr bluffed him and complained about the lights. I couldn’t believe that Phil was going to call with a pair of sixes.

    • @Alastair The day I could tell when Durr was bluffing while playing on TV. He looked so uncomfortable. He corrected that tho.

  42. Disgusting game ! I played once and someone flopped the nuts on the table ! Disgusting

  43. a good gun fighter doesnt care about anything or dieing. when youve got nothing, youve got nothing to lose

  44. His eyes looks like a dude whose been through a clockwork orange treatment session.

  45. Did Phil Ivy crush casinos In baccarat and then not be paid bc they said he was cheating?

  46. Phil Ivey has serial killer eyes. I wanna fold and I dont even play poker…

    • Hes smarter than the average person not anyone can be a professional poker player. Some people have a huge IQ or higher brain capacity and Phil Ivey is definitely a very smart guy. Compare skinny Pete from breaking bad to Steve jobs founder of apple and youll see what I mean professional poker is not for everyone. As far as Phil iveys eyes does he even blink?

    • those arent serial killer eyes, those are eyes of someone who is transcending simple thoughts into a more abstract realm

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