Matchmakers sæson 4 casino hvilken episode

matchmakers sæson 4 casino hvilken episode sæson 4 casino hvilken episode–>Date mig nøgen Matchmakers sæson 4 casino hvilken episode splitternøgen på dansk tv: Det the user has rated this particular item.

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Die betten waren bezogen, handtücher ausreichend vorhanden.

Paradise Hotel Danmark – Aired Order – All Seasons –

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For deltagerne er det sandsynligvis, matchmakers sæson 4 casino hvilken episode som seer har. Date mig nøgen Nøgne danskere på stribe i matchmakers sæson 4 casino hvilken episode..

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  1. Mike Postle flopped the low end of a straight flush…I flopped the top end…he check folded to a $20 bet

  2. Cheating…plenty of evidence looking at the videos…seems too watch his phone when hes in a hand not when hes not…hmmm

  3. so hes either real good or hes hacked the RF i.d AND ITS ALL ON HIS PHONE, i studied magic and ive studied nervous reactions. hes cheating, his body movements, rubbing neck ,fix shirt presentation, lack of eye contact,, hes hacked the rf I.D and its in his lap on his phone , even his brother told you hes that guy! lol

  4. toss him in the trunk of a Caddilac and dump him in the river,old school Vegas style…In the real world hed end up in the bottom of a dumpster re thinking his life choices booyaa!

  5. Just have him play somewhere else, he wont be God there, he will be average

  6. you talk too much and its annoying. just go straight to the point and show the ffing video

  7. During WW2, the Allied Forces acquired an Enigma code machine that was being used for communication by the Axis powers, but they didnt use it to show up at every spot where the enemy would be, because they knew that a statistical analysis of the probability of them showing up always at the right time would prove to the enemy that their code system had been compromised. You dont have to be a mathematician to use those same principles here, which should be done BTW, but even a layman can see that he is a cheater without a doubt. Folds AK on A82 flop to a set ??? A number of questions come to mind after seeing this. Like, why hasnt a van driven up next to him and a hood put over his head as he is thrown into it while the beating commences that results in him being permanently crippled ? Nobodys that good, why has he not been shunned by the other players who should refuse to play with him ? This would be criminal, if Im not mistaken, couldnt the data being transmitted to his cell be obtained from his carrier in an investigation into this matter ? The main question that comes to mind though, is why these games are broadcast live? If you create a situation where dishonesty could result in a big monetary gain, there is going to be cheating, and I can guarantee you that he is not the only one. There are large sums of money involved, other people are doing it too, they are just not making it so obvious. There should be a time delay of 10 – 15 minutes on any poker game like this. There still will be some people in the loop that have access to the very valuable data, so an additional delay of the information to the commentators could probably put a stop to most of the potential cheating. I guarantee its going on sometimes where the data is live, its just stupid to manage it this way.

  8. Wait, its live with no delay?! Shit, you can even have someone subtly vibrate your phone in some patterns based on odds and youd have a huge advantage!

  9. He is watching the live feed! Or someone is texting him the information

  10. If I was at the table I be like Im out not playing with a piece of shit cheater!

  11. RFID misreading can ABSOLUTELY happen. I work in the automotive industry, I deal with ~1 million RFID tags every single day. Misreads do happen. There is no such thing as perfect transmission. Period.

    But whats also entirely possible, is to long range read an RFID tag, with a proper equipment. So probably what happened is, he read the RFID tags in the cards, and knew what was going on on the table, with his phone.

  12. Doug if Postle saw 2 players had AK and he had 5/4 he would fold not flat. He might have just been playing big stack, very lose pot odds and position. How did the hand finish?

  13. Mike Postle is not God, those who said so have lied and are in the wrong

  14. theres a subtle thing to notice here, the jackass is working a-postle. Jokes aside.. he informs him im folding so he puts his phone away. thats what this clearly fucking looks like.

  15. waiting for a point to be made or evidence ………………….waiting…………………….come on hurry up………………………………….i get it dont look or play with you dick everyone lol

  16. I do not understand why they permit any kind of electrOnics in the room.

  17. Can you believe on top of everything else he tried to bluff the judge with “I wasn’t looking at my phone I was jerking off” and she said “Nuts. Case dismissed.”

  18. What a got 6 guys in the game its not shocking he played that..

  19. just get a jammer and put it in your pocket and see him lose consistantly. easy

  20. There is cheating going on all time. i play APL in Australia ,and was in major comp .id made it to second half and when we went to break ,they did not bag our chips, and I called for a count FROM ONE OF THAT AREAS ASSISTANTS in front of other players . But when we returned 5000 was removed from my stack .yet no player was there it must have been done by the area APL workers, that ran that comp. I complained and got the assistant who did count and he confirmed my count and yet the organiser did not replace my chips. BUT the main problem was I was kicking all players from that area, and I was taking on their best player before the break .I was kicking his ass they had moved their players one by one to try to take me out. I took all their chips!!!! it could have only been a staff member from that area. I have complained to head office and yet to this day nothing had been done. I’m still chasing security footage as i would have won that comp if that amount was not removed from my stack so yet organisers work with their players it’s the main problem with this game. i no longer play pro anymore. Only at casino now and online!!!!! Up to 4 million online .

  21. If opponents cards are being relayed to him, somehow, they need to put the livestream on a delay, a delay of at least one hand. In fact, just ban phones at the table. Thatll solve possible cheating!!!

    • then how are anti gun people gonna call for help when everyone is getting stabbed or shot…

  22. I recommend water boring Mike the cheater. This is so obvious and disappointing but the reality is that Stones is getting a % so they should be shut down completely.

  23. Is the theory that theyre saying the graphics are wrong because theyre trying to cover for his cheating? Or another reason? I dont understand. And why would they cover for him?…

  24. I spent 28 in casino management & I had this guys scam in only two hands. This took you guys how long to catch? I wouldnt allow cell phones near a casino card game. Not even on vibrate!

    By 98 word was out & casinos were in a losing streak for millions

  25. The fact phones are allowed during live play at a tourney is what gets me. Most venues won’t even let you hold a device on regular table play. Let alone a tourney.

    • phones can be on the table, visible to all. you can use your phone when not in a hand. i occasionally record my session on my phone, but its always visible. Postle, however, is a snake

    • not to mention your hands needs to be on the table at all times. not to sure actually

  26. Who doesnt throw away a 5/4????? what kind of commentator tries to make a 5/4 sound like a smart bet??????

  27. Karmas only justice without the satisfaction, and I dont believe in justice  James Caan

  28. Narcissistic psychopaths/sociopaths will never expose themselves or other Narcissistic psychopaths/sociopaths, unless theyre facing a long prison time.

  29. We have investigated ourselves and have determined there was no wrongdoing

  30. I’m so confused why these players are allowed to have their cell phones at the table to begin with!

  31. Stones should have delayed their broadcasting by about an hour and then taken the word “Live” out of the name of the show.

  32. It’s much easier to win consistently in holdem on limit games than no limit. TV just glamorizes everything. Most professionals play limit games and just play on tables with about 5-6 consistent solid players, so to have some consistency and control. They usually stay out of each others way and feed on the “gamblers”. I’ve done months with very few days or even a single day of loss. These games for the average player is very boring. ESPN is about competition. Professionals play for money, not for ego.

  33. his win percentage is statistically impossible without knowing the cards. that alone is enough evidence.

  34. How could he be looking at something under the table? His chest is clearly touching the table. His head is cocked to the right… hes clearly looking at his chips ya donk. If you have been watching poker for any real amount of time a player getting in on a hand like that with a 5/4 off is not that uncommon. Its actually not a bad spot if he thinks those two are sharing cards. Which is not a crazy read if he plays with them often.

  35. I put a pager in my butt to play. I have someone watch the live stream and if Im gonna lose he sets the pager off. It take discipline to not react when it goes off, but it works well and no one else knows Im cheating. Ive learned to never play poker anymore, cheaters are everywhere.

  36. Issue is year 2021 all gambling industry is a scam from poker to roulettes or blackjack and it’s 100% legal:)))) is like you close 35 numbers in roulette leave one out and it will hit that number for most of time XD or go on black jack and loose 90% of time. They know it’s scam you know it’s a scam but how can you proof. I can guarantee he just employed by casino…if you think this guy doing it with out casino you idiots.

    • You are an *diot when you play games where you cant win. Play poker where you can win

  37. Pretty stupid tournament if they allow players to bring in phones.

  38. Pretty sleazy stuff going on with Postle. There are ways to find out what he was doing, or rather what his phone was doing during the hand and discover whether tournament organizers are involved or simply dont care about Postles phone.

  39. There is something I didnt understand: what Is the purpose of the graphics are wrong? Doesnt he reveals his cards at the table? Its just for the viewers, to make him look winning? What does it do exactly?

  40. If I was cheated like this I would be stacking bodies like sandbags

  41. “I wasn’t going to do this” Why does everyone say this when making a video?

  42. he doesnt even need to know what the cards are.. he justs needs a marginal player in the back with access to the live feed telling him to check, bet, or fold

  43. this is why you either dont allow phones or you have like a 5 minutes delay in streaming live so cheating would be pretty hard. Honestly, its sad if you have to cheat at something like this because not only does it show you have no integrity or skill but you being so pro is going to get attention… Like a robber that doesnt cover their face or wear gloves. Then people are going to notice and investigate. But like always dumb criminals get themselves caught by doing dumb shit.

  44. we took 2 minutes and wrote 3 sentences on twitter stating there was no cheating – this should completely convince you that we actually did a thorough investigation and are being honest, despite providing no evidence that we did anything at all

  45. Doug your humor is postle-la-less… Miss the hell outta you man. You’re one of a kind and greatly missed on you tube

  46. did i just accidently click on this shit again.. was the guy cheating or not? fuck..

  47. His greed got him caught. If he hadnt won so much, so fast, and played in a way where it was obvious that he knew his opponents hands, its unlikely that anyone would have found out.

  48. Im surprised they dont make sure players dont have a phone when at the table

  49. Can someone explain what’s going on about 20 minutes in when they’re talking about how “the graphics were wrong” ??? I didn’t understand that part.

    • The viewers were not seeing the correct card the players had in that hand on the screen, the graphics showd the wrong cards

  50. If he wasn’t playing a hand it might be ok but dudes playing a hand like wtf are you doing

  51. One other way this could be done is if he has any access to the way the tables are designed. E. G. The table readers send the data to the box and he has a way to Cut into this feed somehow. Wouldnt be too difficult if he was part of the company that made them or installed them. Plus if the graphics were truly wrong this could be a sign of buggy code or his method of scamming the data causing a genuine issue for the actual data being sent to the commentary box. He could 100 percent do this himself without help if he has this access? Holding the phone at a specific spot under the table and next to the dealer where the hidden rfid sender is planted so he can see who has what….

  52. ANYONE knew that televised hole cards were a recipe for CHEATING.

  53. How the fuck was he even allowed to have his phone at the table at all, why the hell is everyone not bitching at the table.

  54. If they allow phones make a rule it has to stay above the top of the table

  55. Definitely not looking at his phone on his lap lol No way he can see it. Thebtable ledge is blocking it and his body is against the ledge🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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