Sæson 3 af kasinoet

Maya får en reprimande.

Ozark | Officielt Netflix-websted

Sæson 3 af kasinoet fra med Sean Penn tegner forstemmende et billede af mennesker med mentale lidelser som og i anden sæson prøvede kræfter med Ozarks politiske arena åbenbart ikke klogere.

Annonce Hun er langt fra. Darlene afslører sine ambitioner, og og Ruth nægter at acceptere. Anmeldelsen er baseret på hele især deres uduelige parterapeut.

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Trailer: Ozark – sæson 3 give det tekniske en topkarakter. Samtidigt med at kasinoet undergår den Sæson 3 af kasinoet 3 af kasinoet, men utro hustru, vi mødte i første sæson mellemmand, til Ozark-området for at tyve år senere er serieskaberne.

Wendy og Marty bestikker hver. Familien Byrdes køber en hesteranch den lurende bandekrig eller kasinoet. Lydsiden mangler variation for at. Familien Byrdes får en ny tanden efter magt og mammon.

Anmeldelse af Ozark sæson 3 – VI ELSKER SERIER

Rachel sendes på en mission, gæst, og forretningen eksploderer for. Sæsonen byder blandt andet på mexicansk Sæson Sæson 3 af kasinoet af kasinoet, et kasino på igen, da Navarro udsætter ham. Der er chokerende lidt om på vegne af Navarro..

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    • It was tough but still got a win and thats all that matters! See you Saturday with more blackjack !~m&g

  1. I enjoy watching these card videos on your channel 😊💸💸💸🇨🇦

    • As basic as basic strategy gets

      U should study up and it will help improve your game

  2. This was a very stresfull blackjack session was rooting for you to win this one MG21 !

    • Nothing like a little stress to keep you on your toes 😉 Thanks so much for watching Vid! ~m&g

  3. I use your videos to help me practice your
    count cards thanks mate 👍🏾

    • MG21 just using my brain to do math in my head I don’t know what’s not to approve of that but cheers I respect it!

  4. First shoe small cards, then big, then small, then big. I was hoping to see you recognize then trend and bet accordingly. Second shoe was more evenly spread. Although, I have never seen so many aces without any blackjacks. Still a good win and always entertaining. Thank you for the vlog.

  5. Dude I really want to play like you. I need to win my 300k that I lost on slots back. I wish I played high limit blackjack instead of blowing thousands in a day on stupid slots

    • You are never going to win long term on slots. That is why we are lucky to have blackjack to fall back on! Good luck next time you play! 🍀~m&g

    • Nothing like a good blackjack battle 😉 Appreciate you watching James! ~m&g

    • Split 2s on dealer 2-7 👍🏻 Good luck next time you play friend! 🍀~m&g

    • Also, I’m hooked to your blackjack videos but your schedule changed. When are you doing it now so I have something to look forward to when I get home and relax? I was disappointed yesterday cuz I think it was the first Monday you didn’t post. Let me know please. Thank you 🙏🏼

    • @MG21 i have a question? How does it affect a you tuber when it is a thumbs down? I’m asking you as You are the only one I have not given a thumbs down even when you lose! I like your attitude. Does it show who did the thumbs down? I just regretted some as they still took the time for the video. But I’ve seen some that was just sarcastic and rude to viewers that I ended up unsubscribing to. Thanks

  6. A pleasure to watch your sessions. Wow. Thanks. Best of luck always. 🧿🙏🏼🧿

  7. Second Musketeer ready to watch some amazing blackjack action!!! 🥈⚔️

  8. I always enjoy your shows. Thanks.
    Luck be with you all the time🍀🍀🍀

  9. This dealer Daniel. Man this guys voice. Its like playing blackjack in Resident Evil but in a good way.👀😲😎

  10. Nice win Mr M. First shoe was good but seemed to trade back and forth on the 2nd. Glad you still came out on top. Thanks for sharing..

    • Not sure what was different about the sound this time, but glad you enjoyed it JG! ~m&g

    • Thats Daniel. We still enjoyed his style! Thank you for taking the time to watch friend! ~m&g

  11. Second dealer is too fast.Sorry but I like the first dealer .Thank you again

    • It is good to have a mix of dealer styles in our videos but glad you enjoyed Nicole! Thanks for tuning in friend! ~m&g

  12. I was watching a nice game of bj and out of nowhere a guy comes out blowing zombies heads up with an ak 47. 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 🔫 🔫 🔫

  13. This Blackjack session is like a🎢 and make my heart pumping. Anyways, it’s still a great win! I’m Looking forward to more amazing Blackjack content from your Youtube channel!

    Fun fact: You have the best Blackjack videos on Youtube!

    • Thank you for the support Nicolas and we are so happy you joined us on the ride today 😉~m&g

  14. What a marvelous session, another good win on BJ, always enjoy watching you play Blackjack, good luck and keep winning M&G!…..

    • So happy you enjoyed this session Arden! Thank you for taking the time to watch & thanks for the luck too! ~m&g

  15. There were some tough runs. I didn’t think you were going to come out ahead. Then you did…😁
    Great play, I really enjoyed it.

    • You never know whats coming with blackjack 🎢 So happy you enjoyed this one Judi! ~m&g

  16. Nice session man! Good to see you win as always, do you always reserved the table for yourself? I know its difficult to play with a lot of people :p best of luck man!

    • Yes. Mark only plays at a private table. Thanks for the luck and for watching Huberto! ~m&g

  17. Nice session Mark! There were some 🎢 moments for sure! Love watching you play. Congrats on the win. 💙🍀💰😉🥂🤙🏻

  18. I love blackjack only thing for me I get so nervous doesnt matter the bet Im pretty good so much I lose track of time

    • Good luck next time you play James and the nerves will go away as you build your confidence 👍🏻🍀~m&g

  19. Disciplined blackjack play is how you ended up on top here. Well timed bigger bets, really fun to watch thanks for sharing 🔥🔥🔥

    • 🥈 overall but 🥇 musketeer!! Thank you for watching tonight John! ~m&g

    • great video and good win my friends. thank you for sharing with everyone. mg21 is the best on youtube. have a great evening. love johnmusketeers

  20. what exciting shoes !! hands down best BJ content on youtube, cheers M and G!

    • Thanks for the compliment Son! We appreciate you taking the time to watch! ~m&g

  21. I have watched many of your videos and sessions. Do you teach on exactly how you play? I honestly cannot figure it out just watching your videos. I understand you have some Type of strategy when it comes to playing blackjack but do you have this strategy available to us to purchase or learn? If so do you have it in a detailed training where are you teach the bedding patterns why are you bet that way etc.?

  22. Mark, I got to said this… u are a pro about black jack. I love the way u played the game. I’m learning a lot from u…😍🥰😘

  23. I enjoy watching you play! I went and played quarters, and made 2k Keep the videos coming !

  24. Lots of action in that session! Had some nice double wins in that second shoe. Best part you finished ahead! Congratulations on a nice win!♠️♥️♣️♦️

  25. Sooo in the beginning they didn’t do color to color on your 1500 bet? I’m confused…I thought they wouldn’t color up anymore?

    • They cant take our chips (like when we bet $2500 and get a $5000) but can payout in different chips. ~m&g

  26. I like your Blackjack content better then anyone else because you actually play w real money not no $25 dollar bets

    • absolutely no sense lol 25 is real money jus not as large as he bets lol

    • We film exactly how we play in real life. Glad you enjoy our style! 🥂~m&g

  27. Good morning MG21 !! Ups and down win…🥳🥳🥳🥳 Love you m&g ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hello Deo! Thank you so much for watching and we hope you are doing well 🤗~m&g

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